The Importance of Gut Microbiota in Pregnancy: Prevention, Care & Support, PART III

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Despite the composition and characteristics of an intestinal microbiota "healthy" are not yet well defined, it is known that perturbations of the composition of the microflora of the gastro-intestinal tract are associated with an increased risk of immune-mediated diseases [15].

The growing interest in the effects of the intestinal microbiota in human health has prompted the development of strategies to optimize the microbial ecosystem and stressed the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in maintaining the abundance, variety and diversity of the intestinal microflora.

Rebalancing a state of dysbiosis is still a complex operation because the microbial populations that have most influence immunological homeostasis are anaerobic bacteria which can hardly be built from the outside, through the use of biomodulator (probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, postbiotics).

Therefore, acquiring a healthy lifestyle and a diet that can provide the body with several active substances, it is essential not only to reduce the risk of immune-mediated diseases in adults but also to promote a good immunological maturation in early life (core microbiota).


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